The Wrestling Game (TWG)

The Wrestling Game (TWG) is a free to play browser-based Professional Wrestling simulation game by MD S.r.l. In TWG you will have the possibility to build your career as a wrestler, starting with no job and no money.
Your objective is to build your own career and to take your spot to the various Federations in the game to earn money, this is fundamental to buy new moves, train your character and create your own entrance.
You will become always more famous and popular, and you will reach the highest spots of your Federation.

You are just an inexperienced wrestler who wants to make a career in the world of an online wrestling games, after a hard training you will become a great fighter, but will you be able to fight the best in those wrestling games online?
In The Wrestling Game you will gain experience and money by fighting other users, with which you will be able to learn new moves and improve your skills to challenge the best champions in the wwe games.

  • The main objective of the game is to play in a friendly ambience with the other players. Every single user has to know how to act correctly with the other ones, in order to maintain a pleasant surrounding.
  • You, as a single user, have to try to develop your character to the best respecting the rules of honesty, and having correct behaviors with other users, in the chat and with the Private Messages as well.

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