Sokker Manager

Sokker Manager is a fantastic soccer simulation online game. Is it browser based and free to play.

The game is country oriented, meaning you will play against people in your country, you start on a lower division and have to climb up to Premier League in your country.

The game features Champions league for country winners, Cup Winners Cup for National Cup Winners and much more.

You have to set everything up, build your stadium, hire coaches, manage youth team, buy and train players, even see your star players play by their country National Team.

You can even run for National coach and take your nation to the World Cup, elected among the users of your country.

All of this in live animated flash games.

Each player has 8 basic skills. 7 of these skills (Pace, Passing, Playmaking, Defending, Scoring, Technique and Keeper) range from tragic to divine. Stamina ranges from tragic to formidable. The higher the level of each skill, the better the player will perform in a given discipline.

Sokker Manager is definitely one of the best football simulation games around.

Languages: Usually the game language is connected to the country you are playing.

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