ManagerZone (commonly abbreviated to MZ) is an online, browser-based sports management game (MMOG). The game is free to play with option to pay for premium services and extras.

Within the game, all players manage their own virtual sports club in either football, hockey or both, by training, buying, and selling players, setting tactics, getting the right arena and facility sizes, and climbing the league pyramid.

A unique part of ManagerZone that heavily favours active teams is a “Form” system where players must play an optimal amount of games a week to have top form and play well, otherwise they can play very badly.

Players are computer generated and bear no reference to real life.

In Managerzone you play in your country championship, beginning in a lower division and trying to go all the way to the top.

The game features 3 modes to watch games, 3d view, analyzer view or live match.

The game features customization of players, equipments, stadium building etc.

Managerzone offer Football and Ice Hockey simulation, you can play one or both with one user. No more than one user account is permitted.

Languages: Several, but usually your country language is available

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