GoalUnited is a free to play football-Manager browser game developed by NorthWorks and Travian Games. It lets soccer enthusiasts manage their own club and with excellent graphics. Players, trainers, transfers: Nothing means more to football fans than their club.

Is the coach selecting the wrong players? Is the management failing on the transfer market? There’s only one solution: let the pros do it! Like the 1.8 million gamers who guide the fortunes of their virtual football clubs in “goalunited”. Their goal is to reach the top of the table with luck, patience and skill.

Tactics and cards

The career of a manager is easy to start. Registration and the tutorial consist of only five steps, taking about ten minutes. After that, the vast world of football lies before you. With training plan, buying and selling of players, team selection, youth work and choice of staff, the gamer himself decides between success and failure.

GoalUnited offers all the football a fan could want. Selects the team and determine the positions, organise the training, and even improve your stadium. The choice of the staff is also decisive. Doctors cure injuries, finance consultants reduce interest, trainers improve the fitness of the players, PR managers enhance the club’s reputation. And just like in real life, the choice of a coach decides almost everything.

Match screen

The game is free to play, But Premium users have benefits, including buddy lists, sophisticated statistics, club logos, players’ jerseys, storable training variations, pro search and live ticker of the games for smart phones.

GoalUnited is available in the following languages: german, english, español, português, italiano, polski, türkçe, français, nederlands, pусский , язык, suomi, العربية

Key Features:

  • Worldwide Multiplay! Compete with hundreds of thousands of international managers.
  • It’s Free! Play friendly matches, cup and league matches every week for free.
  • More action More matches, new strategies with trading cards and exciting play-offs deciding relegation and promotion.
  • Own stadium complex,  Increase your income and promote your players by building your own stadium environment.
  • Manager career – Innovative graphics create a complex gaming experience, yet maintain simple playabilty
  • Your cups, your leagues – Compete with friends and collegues in your own events

Trailer and gameplay videos

Additional resources:

Official Facebook Page

Official Forum

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