GolMania is a free-to-play soccer game available on Facebook, where you will play against real players like you. You will compete in real time against another person connected! It’s challenge time!

Face all opponents and become the best! Collect coins to play in stadiums and win titles! This  is a real-time multiplayer soccer game. Choose the name and colors of your team and challenge friends or strangers in exciting matches. Beat your opponents and earn coins to be the best!

GolMania is all about action, with great graphics and happy music, you start by learning how to play, you can also train to improve your moves, then it is time to play ball, just hit the play button and the game will randomly match you against another online player. The game is pretty fast paced, you have to be quick on the passing and shooting, as well as tackling your opponent on defense.

As you play, you will get experience to level up and unlock new locations to play and new game items. You can also change how your team looks and send gifts to friends. Playing matches uses energy, that will replenish with time. You can also play with selected friends and spend no energy, invite them to your room or visit theirs.

GoalMania also features tournaments once you get to level 3, and other features like power ups or the store are predicted to come soon, achievements are always a nice touch, and you also have tons of stats about your games.

Trailer and gameplay videos

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