FMO – Football Manager Online

FMO – Football Manager Online is a free strategic football management game by Zent Software. At FMO you take on the role of a football manager. Everything lies in your hands, training, transfers, tactics and the finances. In the evenings you play your games online, live and against football fans like yourself! FMO is a multiplayer online game with thousands of users from all around the world, it is browser based and free to play!

FMO is just like other football manager games, besides taking on the role of a football manager, training, choosing tactics and players, you also have to deal with transfers, manage your stadium, sponsors and finances.

The key features of the game are:

  • Live intervention during matches: During the live match, each team manager involved can have a direct influence on the game, through changing the players positions, substituting players in and out or by adjusting the teams tactics. Direct commentary keeps the team manager informed of what is happening on the pitch, tactical changes made by your opponent will appear live on the live ticker.
  • Career mode: integrated career mode where you can stay loyal to your club or switch to other team from a different country or continent.
  • Competitions: each season your Football team will participate in National Championship, Association Cup, League Cup and 4 different international competitions.


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