FC Barcelona Fantasy Manager

FC Barcelona Fantasy Manager is a online football manager available o Facebook and free to play. FC Barcelona Fantasy Manager takes you right to the heart of the club. You make the big decisions, build the brand and reach for the stars. Who is in your starting line-up? What new signings do you want? What improvements would you like to the venues?

In the game you have to play the role of Pepe Guardiola, choose your players, train them, manage you Camp Nou sports complex by building new structures, training fields and facilities.

Transfer players, with daily deals,sin and transfer players and make your team stronger.

Everyday there is a chance to win amazing prizes in our daily sprint competitions. All managers will be fighting it out to be the winner. Make sure the don’t take your prizes!

The Fantasy Manager series offers what manager fans look for, deep and demanding gameplay, dedication and skill to pull up the best results and come up with the best team possible!

FC Barcelona Fantasy Manager allows you to manage every aspect of your club and prove how much you know about football.

Key features:

As manager of FC Barcelona you will be required to complete the following tasks:

  • Sign players for your team
  • Decide the players on the first team
  • Make sure your players stay fit
  • Build a city around the stadium to increase the club’s income
  • Work hard to develop the club
  • Plus… A whole lot more!

Level and Experience

Experience and level will determine the manager’s expertise. Level is determined by experience. You can gain experience by:

  • Winning matches
  • Drawing matches
  • Performing tasks
  • Winning the daily bonus

Experience usually determines which managers receive the different prizes.

For instance, the first place on the season ranking goes to the manager that obtains the most experience throughout the season.


The budget is one of the two virtual currencies used in the game. You can spend your budget on signing new players, buying items from the store, building and maintaining facilities, etc.

Players can increase their budget by:

  • Winning matches
  • Receiving returns on facility operation
  • Performing tasks
  • Selling team players
  • Level-up awards
  • Winning the daily bonus
  • Players can also increase their budget by accessing the store section.

Remember that you won’t gain experience points if your team is in the red.


Shields are the other virtual currency. Use them to sign new players, buy items from the store to improve the team, build facilities, and a whole lot more. Players can also invest their shields to increase the team’s budget.

You can obtain more shields through level-ups, like the special daily bonus, or by purchasing them in the Store.


Partners are key elements for team success. The more partners, the greater the benefits from the facilities. Plus, partners will help you win matches.

Attract partners in the store or by inviting your friends via Facebook or iPhone, depending on the platform you play on.

Your friends won’t count as team partners until they reach level 5.


Energy is crucial to team progress. You start the game with 100 points, which will increase as you move up the levels. You can use your energy to train players, perform tasks, do maintenance on facilities and play matches.

You will be rewarded with 1 energy point per minute and you will be able to recharge 100% energy from the store.


You’ll find Guardiola on lots of screens. He’ll help you learn how to play.

Pay attention, follow his advice and prove you’ve got what it takes to manage FC Barcelona.


This information shows how good your attack line-up is. The higher the figure, the greater possibilities of scoring a goal. The data appears as follows:

Total Attack (Players Attack + Equipments Attack)

Players Attack: Adds up the attack figures for the 11 players on the first team (not counting players on the bench).

Equipments Attack: Adds up the attack bonuses from the equipment purchased to date.


This information shows how good your defensive line-up is. The higher the figure, the greater possibilities of stopping goals. The data appears as follows:

Total Defense (Players Defense + Equipments Defense)

Players Defense: Adds up the defense figures for the 11 players on the first team (not counting players on the bench).

Equipments Defense: Adds up the bonuses from the equipment purchased to date.


Each player earns a weekly salary which is paid automatically (on Mondays). Salary is linked to the player’s purchase price and does not vary.

Go to the “Team File” menu to see the total sum payable to the squad and the time remaining for the automatic payment to go through.

If your budget falls short when players are paid their salaries, your club will be in the red and you will not gain experience.

Fitness Level

Player fitness is important when playing matches. The better the level of fitness, the greater the chances of winning the match.

Train players one by one to increase their fitness level or purchase items from the store.

Each training session increases the player’s fitness by 50%.

Players’ level of fitness decreases after each match (only first team players and substitutes that play the match). Losses per match are as follows:

  • 10 points if you challenge.
  • 3 points if you are challenged by another manager.


Equipment improves your players’ attack and defense levels. Some equipment affects a specific position (goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders or forwards) and other equipment affects the team.

Each equipment has a specific duration (matches). Duration decreases by one point when you challenge another manager. The duration (matches) does not decrease if you are challenged by another manager.

You can increase the duration (matches) of your equipment from the store. When an equipment’s duration (matches) runs out, it will no longer appear on the file and will not give your players bonuses.


Use boosts to recharge player fitness without using energy. Recharge by 50% or 100%, as you please.

You can purchase isotonic drinks to maintain player fitness after matches. A drink is used up after each match regardless of who challenges who in order to maintain player fitness.

Daily bonus

Access the game every day to win fantastic prizes. The more consecutive days you access the game, the greater the number of prizes you can win. You can win the following prizes:

  • Budget
  • Experience
  • Boosts
  • Equipments
  • Partners
  • Shields

Access the game daily and compete to be the best manager for FC Barcelona.

Line Up

The line up features the players on the team that will be playing all the games. Available line ups:


  • 1-5-4-1
  • 1-5-3-2
  • 1-4-5-1
  • 1-4-4-2
  • 1-4-3-3
  • 1-3-5-2
  • 1-3-4-3

You should switch line-ups depending on the players and the equipments.

During the adjustment process, your team’s attack and defense values will vary. This will help you find the best combination.


The bench is an important part of the line up. The bench works as follows:

Before the match, the system checks each position to see if any of the players on the bench is better than a player in the first team. If so, the system changes him automatically. You can change three players per game. Nevertheless, the process does not change the official line up, i.e., come the next match, you’ll have the same 11 players starting on the field.

Score chart

This chart establishes the points per player during the game. Depending on their real life performance, the chart grants a specific amount of points which remain until the team plays another game.

The chart only considers league matches and European competitions, so a player’s score will not vary if the team plays another type of match.

Players score are updated on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at midday (12pm, GMT 01:00).

Signing new players

You will have 45 new players ready for signing every day. If you need a player for a specific position urgently, you can reload the player list 4 times a day, which gives a total of 225 players a day.

If you sign a player with a transfer fee, you can include up to two players from your team in the operation to cheapen the price of the player you want to sign and release one or two players you don’t want on your team.

Selling players

Go to each player’s file to sell them. The system will list the price depending on his performance during the season.

You can also sell players by including them when signing new players.


Facilities are the biggest source of income for the club. The greater the number and the quality of the facilities, the greater the income for the club.

Each facility has a specific return period, which will not recommence until the player collects the returns. Make sure you pay attention and collect your returns as soon as possible to gain maximum income.

Make sure your facilities are in top conditions, since bad maintenance reduces the return. If you forget about maintenance for a long time, you will be charged an extra sum alongside the regular loss of energy points.


Playing matches is the fastest way to gain experience. Challenging another manager will cost you energy points and lower your players’ fitness by 10 points. The following team statistics have an effect on the match:

  • Total Attack
  • Total Defense
  • Fitness Level
  • Partners

If you win the match, you will take your rival’s money and gain experience points.

If you draw the match, you won’t gain money or will gain less experience points.

If you lose the match, you won’t gain money or experience and your rival will take your money and gain experience.

You will earn points of experience winning the first 75 matches of the day. From then on, you will earn only money.

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