Fantasy Tennis

Fantasy Tennis is a 3D tennis MMO game. In Fantasy Tennis game, Niki, a young boy from the present suddenly finds himself in a vortex caused by apprentice witch Lunlun from Fantasy Land. Brought to Fantasy Land like this, Niki soon discovers the importance of playing tennis in this magical sports game. Fight epic tennis matches in this exciting tennis game!

The sports game Fantasy Tennis offers you many exciting characters, all with their strong points and weaknesses to freely choose from. Not only Niki and Lunlun, who love playing this tennis game. Also vampire Dhanpir, elven Shua, pirate Lucy, wooden doll Al and cute native hafling Pochi are waiting for you to play an exciting sports game.

Playing the sports game Fantasy Tennis is completely free! All you need to do is registering for a free account at alaplaya, download the tennis game’s client and play.

Fantasy Tennis offers everything a good sports game needs! Of course you are able to battel your opponent fair and square in a regular basic match, which resembles a normal tennis game. But Fantasy Tennis also offers several other modes, like the exciting battle mode, where you collect items while trying to hit the ball back and use these to drain your opponent’s HP. Or try the epic Guardian Battle, where you need to stand against a mighty godlike beast with your team. Try to find that in a regular sports game!

In this tennis game you are also able to connect with fellow players and form a so-called Club. Features like Club Match and Club Castle that no other sports game can offer are waiting for you!

Game features:

  • Magical Fantasy Sports Game
  • Seven cute and powerful characters
  • Choose between Basic & Battle Mode
  • Epic Guardian Battles
  • Cute Battlemon pets to play with you

Fantasy Tennis Trailer and gameplay videos

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