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Need for Speed World is a free to play MMO racing game from Ea, published on their Play4free website and brings together best-in-class action racing with an unparalleled social experience on the PC. Players can compete against their friends and family or pick from thousands of players to challenge in intense online battles and police pursuits. Gamers race the way they want in an ever-expanding world with a constant stream of new content, cars, and features.

Need for Speed World  social features include, chatting, whisper and groups for a better social experience. You can you your Facebook account to get connected to your friends.


Massive Online Experience
• Race and explore a persistent and evolving world, combining new content with popular drives from the Need for Speed universe. Constant updates add new areas, cars, events, and features for a unique experience every time.

Socially Networked Racing Community
•Play how you want to play, join your friends, and chat with thousands of other racers in World’s online community. Create your own competitions and events for your friends with tools like customizable leaderboards and meeting place, all supporting Facebook and other popular social networks.

Power-Up System
•Add another gameplay dimension with Power-Ups like NOS to boost your speed, Traffic Magnets to hinder your opponents, Juggernaut to plow through obstacles, and many more.

RPG Progression
•Give yourself the edge in races, pursuits and exploration by leveling up your driver and driver skills.

Car List Updates and Customization
•Constant car list updates always provide new and exclusive licensed vehicles to drive and customize. Create your own one-of-a-kind vehicle with an endless palette of custom paints and liveries. If you can dream it, you can create it in World.

Easy Accessibility
•Easy to use, intuitive controls mean that as long as there’s an internet connection, anyone can enjoy Need for Speed World from anywhere.

SpeedBoost is the virtual currency we use in Need for Speed World. You can use it to purchase a range of different items in the game. Some of these are exclusive and can only be purchased with SpeedBoost (for example Amplifiers) while some other items can be bought using in-game cash.

If you don’t want to wait until you’ve earned enough In-game Cash you can use SpeedBoost to purchase items immediately in the game.

Hit ‘M’ to view the World Map (and hit ‘M’ again to hide it). Once the map is open, you can click and drag on the lower-right corner to expand or contract it. You can use your mouse wheel to zoom in for greater detail.

Events will appear on the map with an icon indicating what type of activity is available at that location. Drag the cursor over the event icon for more information about the activity or click the icon to get a menu with two options: Teleport or Join Event.

Other players appear on the map in Orange while friends appear in Blue.

There are currently five types of Events available in Need for Speed World, with each represented by a different icon in Free Roam. You can drive up to any icon and select an option in the dialog in order to start the event.

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