Level R

Level R is a 3D racing MMO game with role playing features, that brings you into the fray of car racing in all sorts of diverse game settings. Improve your skills, collect racing experience, expand your automobile collection, and compete against increasingly more challenging opponents in races and special events.

As a beginning street racer, you can choose between four cars. Qualify for increasingly more challenging drivers’ tests and compete in exploration and training races to climb higher on the career ladder. The higher you level, the more cars you’ll be able to choose from.

Game Modes

In Level R, you can choose which mode you want to play in – here’s an overview of the modes available:


Race against other players on all sorts of courses: on regular racetracks, off-road, in rally races or on city streets from San Francisco to Tokyo.
You can choose the simpler arcade handling if you’re just looking for some fun or the more challenging simulation handling to get the thrill and feeling of real racing.

Explore Mode

The goal in explore mode is to collect as many items as possible within the set time limit. But beware the mystery boxes – the surprise inside is not always a good one!

Battle Mode

Battle mode is where the fun is. It’s up to you to pull out all the stops and use all your tactical know-how to stop your opponents. Don’t rely on speed alone to beat them – put the special battle items to good use, both to attack your opponents and to protect yourself.

RTF: Return the Flag

Grab the flag and bring it safely across the finish line. But be careful: your opponents will pull out every trick in the book, and probably also a few battle items, to get the flag back…

CTF: Capture the Flag

This is the team version of RTF. Work with your friends to capture the flag and protect it from the other team. Important here are teamwork and tactical finesse – master these and fun is basically guaranteed.

Thunder Alley

Thunder Alley is one of the pinnacles of excitement in Level R. Prove your skills against up to 20 players at speeds topping well over 300 km/h. In Thunder Alley, it’s not just speed that matters, but also tactical know-how. The timing of pit stops can make or break a race just as much as the calibration of your engine.


  • Massively Multiplayer Online Racing Game – eat up the track in races against thousands of other players!
  • Realistic high-speed driving action and wreck damage
  • High-quality 3D graphics with dynamic particle rendering, reflections and more
  • Highly detailed car tuning – mod your car to enhance its performance and give it its own unique customised look
  • Collect experience points by winning races and level up to higher classes
  • More than 40 vehicle types to choose from, many from officially licensed manufacturers
  • Numerous game modes and more than 200 tracks: race on asphalt, through mud and snow, day and night
  • Competitive ranking and single-player career mode create ever-lasting fun

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