Auto Club Revolution

Auto club Revolution is a free online racing experience and thriving community of car fans. Own officially licensed virtual cars, modify and upgrade them, customize them, talk about them and race them on the world’s most famous race tracks with your friends.

In Auto club Revolution you’ll find a cutting edge social network for car and racing fans, alongside hundreds of real world brands and a premium racing experience built right into the heart of it.

Key Features:

  • Own, customise and upgrade real cars
  • Online multiplayer racing
  • Single player challenges and game modes
  • Join Auto Clubs for events and rewards

Auto Club Revolution recently released an enhanced profile system to further build on the social-networking capabilities of the site.

Players can now add further personalization to their profiles in the form of a short bio and share information about their favourite cars, motorsports, driving music and much more!

The enhanced profile features serve to further re-enforce Auto Club Revolution as not just another racing game, but an online space where players, car fanatics and motorsports enthusiasts can race together and enjoy cars online.

The progress tracking on a player’s profile has also had an upgrade; players can now easily view the recent achievements of themselves and their friends from the player profiles.

Finally the settings tab of the player profiles has been further integrated with the game. As well as the Unity player settings, players can now control how their speed is measured in game from their profile settings.

But the biggest step forward is the assist settings. Players can now use the website to set up their default assist set up, and even define assist settings on a per car basis! This means you can turn the assists off completely for your sporty hot-hatchback but have traction control enabled for the RA class cars with their super powerful engines.

Auto Club Revolution Videos

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