What’s Playing Game for iOS Makes Trivia Fun Again

Violet Arts today introduces What´s Playing, a free to play trivia game with a clever twist. The objective of the game is to guess what is playing in the hand drawn animation. There are a total of 400 stages in this version, ranging from easy to tricky, with more stages to be added in subsequent updates, all for free.

The gameplay is simple but fun and refreshing in an overused genre. Players guess the animation with a given set of letters and are rewarded with stars for every correct guess. The stars are used for hints and to get the player out of a difficult stage – simply by asking Prof. Einostein to solve the puzzle instead. Players who run out of stars may ask their Facebook and Twitter friends for help by posting the stages that have them stumped.

One of the most interesting features is the Facebook leader board, allowing players to see their friends´ progress in the game. This is rarely seen in trivia games and it literally pits the player´s guessing skills against all friends.

“The last stage, that is, stage 400 in this version. It will have you go “What?!”. It´s not a glitch, we designed it that way”,  added Violet, one of the creators, on interesting stages in the game.

What´s Playing is the latest guessing game to hit the iPhone App Store. For Android users, an Android version is under way. With a playful yet charming art style and a cheerful tune, What´s Playing will bring players lots of enjoyment on their daily commute.

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