The Lost Shapes

The Lost Shapes is a new iOS puzzle game from dreamfab and RockAByte. There’s no one way to solve puzzles in The Lost Shapes so find your own play style! With intuitive touch controls, The Lost Shapes is easy to figure out but offers the depth and variety to be challenging for a long time.

Prepare for a brain tease with the art of Magic Chess, a game which revives the power of ancient shapes, sun, moon, and stars, and is all the rage among magical folk! Follow your teacher Willow, a wizard with a mysterious past, as he trains you to create shapes within a limited amount of time with decorated tiles that can be lined up to form shapes and patterns in Shape Mode and Survival Mode. In Shape Mode Willow will take you through 30 missions of building simple shapes and then advancing to intricate patterns. Survival Mode tasks players with creating as many of those shapes and patterns as possible to level up endlessly. All shape building must be done as quickly as possible to keep the score multiplier high and the tile queue open. If the tile queue gets full, it’s game over!

Just when players think they have their hand on Magic Chess, the game will display its an even wider variety of tiles. Bomb tiles blow away obstacles on the board so nothing stands in the way of making a shape. Snowflake tiles freeze the tile queue to buy time. Nuke tiles clear the board when it gets too full. Locked tiles can’t be moved once they are placed. And numbered tiles can be used more than once.

The Lost Shapes is localized in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese so more iOS wizards have the chance to become a Magic Chess champion.

The Lost Shapes Lite gives novice wizards a chance to test out the game of Magic Chess before competing in the big leagues. The game leads players through a tutorial, then the first 10 levels of Shape Mode where players get a taste of how to use tiles to build mystical shapes and matching celestial powers within a limited amount of time. Players will also get an introduction to the mysterious past of their Magic Chess coach, Willow.

The best of the lite wizards still get their place on Game Center leaderboards. All wizards can boast to friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter about progress in their school of wizardry!

Confident magicians who buy the full version will advance to using special tiles with bombs, ice, and nukes as well as earn Game Center achievements. Survival Mode will also become available to test how much these seasoned sorcerers have learned. For a limited time only, the full version is on sale for just $0.99:

The Lost Shapes Trailer

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