Supernauts is a new social building game is now globally available to download for free on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In the game, the polar ice caps have melted and it is up to the players as Supernauts to rescue people from the flood and build a new world in space, block by block. Supernauts is crafted by Grand Cru, a company twice named by Wired Magazine as one of the hottest start-up companies in Europe.
“Grand Cru is a game studio focused on developing groundbreaking mobile games of the finest quality and we’re aiming to revolutionize social gaming with Supernauts,” said Markus Pasula, CEO of Grand Cru. “Created for a broad audience, the game is truly social and provides players with multiple ways to share their creations and experiences. We want to take real-time social inter- actions in mobile gaming in to another level.

Playing the role of a Supernaut, your mission is to rescue stranded citizens from flooded Earth and build a new world for them in space. The casual, touch screen native game offers the players a truly social 3D gameplay experience, providing them with a wide array of building blocks and mate- rials to create everything they can imagine. In addition to the world-building element, Supernauts features ongoing, themed contests where players from all over the world compete together in teams to rebuild Earth.

“We have spent over two years perfecting the gameplay experience for the iPad, and we are cer- tain that with our intuitive user interface everyone will be able to join the fun of creating awesome worlds in 3D,” Pasula explains.

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