Ski Solitaire

Ski Solitaire is a casual card game with an interesting take on solitaire. Now available for the Apple iPad by Greenfly Studios.

Enjoy Golf Solitaire or Tri Peaks Solitaire? Then you’ll love Ski Solitaire for the iPad, an exciting and addictive card game with course hazards, unpredictable weather, a ski shop, and a 100 handcrafted levels that will keep you playing for hours and hours.

“Ski Solitaire is probably the most entertaining version of solitaire that I’ve played so far” – TouchArcade forum user

From forest covered valleys to the ice-capped mountains, players will have to use their wits to complete the course objectives. Clear the screen of cards to earn money whilst using the special gate cards to extend your streaks and reach the highest multipliers. Purchase powerups (such as ski goggles, gloves and even underpants!) in the Ski Shop using the in-game virtual currency to help you on the way to becoming the Ski Solitaire World Champion.

Features include:
• Bright, colourful and humorous art design
• Six quirky characters to choose from
• 100 Challenging levels in 10 unique locations
• Overcome Forest and Ice Hazards cards with strategic game play
• Unpredictable weather forecasts
• Purchase power-ups from the ski shop
• Game Center achievements and leaderboards – perfect for bragging rights!
• Suitable for all ages
• Free of charge updates planned for the future

How to Play Ski Solitaire

  • To play the game you must remove cards that are one number higher or lower than the foundation card.
  • If the foundation card is an 8, you can play either a 7 or a 9 in any suit.
  • The ace card is high or low so can be played with either a King or a 2.


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