Rise of Olympia

Rise of Olympia is a new free to play mid-core exciting social strategy mobile game for iPhone and iPod users.

It provides players around the world the opportunity to take each other on in PVP, engage in PVE against the Titans, lead an army and create an empire from the ground up.

In  Rise  of  Olympia,  players  ally  with  Zeus,  Poseidon  or  Hades  and  join the  struggle  to  destroy  the  Titans.  Players  must  recruit  legendary heroes,  train  an  army,  collect  resources  and  manage  their  city  to conquer other players’ cities.

Each  god’s  faction  in  Rise  of  Olympia  has  its  own  unique  map,  heroes and  special troop. Both PVE and  PVP  modes are  important, and  only by becoming  adept  at  both  will  players  be  able  to  rise  above  the competition.  Battles  are  beautifully  animated  with  heroes  and  armies truggling  for  victory  with  special  techniques  and  upgradeable equipment.
Rise of Olympia in English is available for free on the App Store optimized for iPhone and iPod.

Game Features

  • Conquer and control other players’ cities in PvP
  • Recruit legendary heroes to strike down your enemies
  • Build and customize your own city from the ground up
  • Choose Zeus, Poseidon or Hades for unique troops and stat bonuses
  • Beautiful fully animated battle sequences
  • Customize your heroes with explosive techniques, tactics and equipment
  • Battle your way through story mode to defeat the Titans
  • Upgrade equipment in the Blacksmith to enhance your heroes’ power


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