Do crazy stunts while solving physics puzzles. Each of the twenty short levels have a different twist. Pure fun. No boredom.

RAZE is an iPad/iPhone/Android game developed entirely using two powerful drag-and-drop tools. Brain Builder introduces a unique user interface that makes game play setup quick and painless. The Unity game engine supplies the other necessary components, such as a graphics and physics.

Today the company behind Brain Builder, Boldai, has announced that additional content has been added to their Zero-lines-of-code concept game, Raze. The game started out as a free showcase game for Brain Builder, but it has caught on, resulting in more levels and additional features being made available to players through in-app purchase.

Brain Builder is a unique graphical interface for making games with the free Unity 3D game engine. Simply drag, drop and snap building blocks together into behaviours for your game.

Zero-lines-of-code concept continues with RAZE 2
The free car physics puzzler developed with BrainBuilder

February 24th, Linköping, Sweden. The car physics puzzler Raze has just been upgraded with more tricky levels, better physics and revamped graphics. The unique, minimalistic 3D art-style has been perfected, and 20 new levels are now available in the in-app store.

What was initially a tech demo to showcase BrainBuilder, the tool that enables game development without traditional programming, caught on, so Boldai decided to make a solid update for its fans.

“The initial levels are very easy, but we added some die-hard levels for the hardcore fans”, says Magnus Hallin, CTO at Boldai.

Raze is the first game developed using Unity3D and BrainBuilder, and it was made with zero lines of code!

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