Pepi Doctor

PEPI DOCTOR is a newly released app for children from a developer PEPI PLAY. The original
app was created back in 2013 and became one of their biggest hits.
At the time of the release the app was praised for its unique artwork, simplicity and
effectiveness, however with the pace of improving technologies PEPI PLAY decided to
completely rewrite the app using latest tools. After working for months, we are happy to
announce the new updated version of the beloved game PEPI DOCTOR. The app offers
higher resolution artworks, vibrant colours, improved responsiveness, altered animations
and special effects.
Every single individual, who has purchased the game in the past, can simply update or re-
download the app this way getting the newest version of the game.
At the moment PEPI DOCTOR is available exclusively on the AppStore, though it will be
available on Google Play shortly.

PEPI PLAY is looking to create rich interactive experiences and set high standards for
ourselves and our customers. Therefore, we are glad to let you know that we are working
hard to majorly upgrade PEPI TREE and release the updated version by the end of 2020.
Is your kid afraid of the doctors? What about dentists? Get some help from a child-friendly
PEPI DOCTOR is a perfect reminder and teaching tool for toddlers about hygiene and safe
The child can play the game and pretend to be a doctor to treat three little patients: Amber,
Eva and Milo. The player will get a chance to experience what doctors do in an easy and a
fun way: they also, will get an opportunity to explore a variety of doctors’ tools and get to
cure five different conditions at their own pace.
The characters Amber, Eva and Milo have been out and about, unfortunately they got sick
and must now visit a doctor. Cure a common cold, bandage bruises after that funny accident
with a bike, examine and heal an aching tooth. And don’t forget the mighty X-ray that will
help to locate and mend a fractured bone!
After successfuly treating their patients, little Doctors will receive an emotional reward in
the form of smiles and applauds.

Key Features:
• 3 cute characters
• 5 conditions to cure
• More than 20 different doctors’ tools
• Amazing artwork, animations and sounds
• Uses no spoken language, needs no translation
• No win or lose situations
• No in-app purchases
• Recomended ages: 3 to 6.

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