Muscle Hustle – PvP Wrestling

You’ve never played a wrestling game like this before! Collect, train, level up and evolve hundreds of wrestlers. Combine the unique stats and abilities of your hyper heroes to build the perfect tag-team for each match and battle it out in extensive single player campaigns or the real-time PvP league.

The controls are simple, easy and fun; they might remind you of pool/billard, marbles, or pinball with a RPG twist. If you are a fan of boxing, physics games or simply like addictive games where you don’t need to wait to progress, you will enjoy The Muscle Hustle: a wrestling game for everyone! Classic fighting moves and unique combos add exciting tactical and strategic depth.

Flick your finger and bounce a monster strike at the exactly the right spot to KO your rival, save your signature move for a massive bodyslam, or bank a shot for a multi-hit combo.


● Collect hundreds of unique fighters and build the best tag-team

● Train and evolve your heroes and unlock abilities like signature throws, holds and aerial attacks

● Manage their wrestling career path from rookie, to jobber, to pro, superstar, legend


● It’s simple to wrestle, only one hand required

● Just pull back, aim, and release!

● Deceptively deep tactical choices

● Work the angles for combos


● Hundreds of levels on story mode to play, filled with unique challenges

● Throw chairs, set the ropes on fire, and jump off the top turnbuckle

● Hit the high scores on the leaderboards


● Go head to head with other players in the pvp multiplayer league

● Progress through arenas in the league and fight your way to the top

● Events to Reign

● Challenge an opponent for a duel match


● Hilarious announcer commentary

● Spot a talented rookie when they’re just a little jabroni

● Please the crowd as a babyface, or turn heel

● Make sure to never break kayfabe!

● Smashing entrances

Download The Muscle Hustle (TMH) now!

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