Monster Words

Monster Words is a fun, quirky, and unique word game available free to download for iPhone and iPad, by Enemy Hideout. Each level has CLUES for words. The monsters have LETTERS on them. MATCH the monsters to the clue to complete the level!

The monsters are oozing towards you!

Can you guess which monsters make up the word that relates to the clue? Each level contains a number of brain-bending clues to tease your brain.

Learning how to play is easy, but beating the levels quickly depends on your ability to guess the word! Monster Words throws the book at monsters. The dictionary that is!

What animal does Alice follow in ‘Alice in Wonderland’? What do pandas eat? What’s the largest city in the world? The monsters have chosen YOU to find the answers! Bend your BRAIN and see if you can save mankind!

Test your brain power against the monsters! Each level is themed: art, science, movies, and MORE!

Animated monsters with energetic physics brings this word game to LIFE! Let the music, art, and gameplay entertain your senses!

Test how big your vocabulary is, and have fun making it BIGGER!

Gameplay Video

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