Monster Paradise

Monster Paradise is a multiplayer monster capture game featuring over 500 anime-inspired monsters. The hit Japanese mobile social card game for iPhone and iPod touch is the first title to be released under Aeria Mobile’s partnership with Pokelabo, Inc., a leader in Japan’s social mobile gaming market.

Battle, capture and evolve more than 500 monsters in Monster Paradise. Train your monster
team to pit them against the most brutal bosses or duel your friends in PvP.

Monster Paradise has already proven to be a huge success in Japan, ranking in the top 20 sales charts for the past three months. Now, Aeria Mobile is proud to bring this phenomenon to English speakers around the world.

“Aeria Mobile was established to deliver highly anticipated games like Pokelabo’s smash hit to core gamers in the West,” said Lan Hoang, Chief Executive Officer, Aeria Games. “Monster Paradise is the perfect maiden title for us, as it will truly resonate with the millions of fans of trading card-style RPG games.”

In the game, an invasion of ferocious demons has brought terror to the world and destroyed the peaceful relationship between humans and monsters. Your goal is to restore the peace by collecting monsters and cultivating them to fight the enemy.

There are over 500 monsters of different species to be found on your adventure. Strengthen your monsters into a mighty fighting force through fusion. Enlist your friends on Facebook and form an alliance to take down strong enemies. Become a legendary monster trainer and save Monster Paradise!

Key Features:

  • Capture & Collect Monsters – Explore an abundance of areas with more than 500 monsters to collect. Complete each new area and defeat the boss with friends.
  • Form a Party of Monsters – Level monsters up by fusing them together and evolve them to produce new and stronger creatures.
  • Face the Darkness – Take on all-powerful Dark Monsters that appear during certain hours of the day.
  • Play with Friends – Put out the call for friends on Twitter and Facebook to battle tough beasts or PvP against other monster trainers all over the world!
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