Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Island

Monster Galaxy is a pokemon themed role playing game already played by millions on Facebook. Its newest expansion, Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Island is now available for free on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Monster Galaxy is a fantastic world where you can capture and train magical creatures called Mogas. Few people have this talent, but guess what, you’re one of them! The bad news is that your homeland is ruled by King Otho, a royal jerk who only lets his personal army tame Mogas You’ll have to cross the Zodiac Islands to get to Otho’s castle, but if you can knock this clown off the throne you’ll be a hero for the ages.

Key features:

  • With 14 beautifully painted islands and monsters from dragons to ninjas, Monster Galaxy sets a new standard for graphics on the iOS.
  • Interactive monster battle system with attacks, spells, cool items, and plenty of surprises
  • Over 125 exotic, cute, and fantastic Monsters to capture and tame
  • Watch the quirky story unfold along your quest to defeat King Otho
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