MetalStorm: Wingman

MetalStorm: Wingman is free 3d advanced combat aircraft multiplayer game for iOS platform by Z2live. In MetalStorm you will experience the best looking, most action packed multiplayer jet fighting game for iOS – MetalStorm: Online, now in its new version, MetalStorm: Wingman.

Play against other pilots online via Game Center, or invite your friends to join you in Co-Op mode. Talk to other pilots via the in-game voice chat system and coordinate your attacks. Unlock dozens of planes, weapons and equipment as you progress though one of the most beautiful 3D games for iOS.

Game features:

  • Real-Time Multiplayer – Compete against other players online over 3G and WiFi
  • Next-Gen 3D graphics with Retina Display support
  • Dozens of unique aircraft to choose from
  • Customize your aircraft with missles and machine guns
  • Survival Mode: Obliterate waves of enemies with a friend in Co-Op Multiplayer
  • Perform advance maneuvers by swiping in different directions
  • Earn XP and level up to unlock more powerful items

Trailer and gameplay videos

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