Kingdom Age

Kingdom Age is a free to play role playing and strategy game by Funzio available exclusively as a Google+ Game. The game set in the Age of Dragons, Castles and magic, featuring all kinds of mythic creatures like goblins,trolls and orcs among much more, In Kingdom Age you’ll return to an age of valor through swordplay and knowledge through magic.

You start Kingdom Age by customizing your character and class, there are three classes to choose from, Warrior, Mage and Rogue each with different skills and gameplay styles.

The game provides a short tutorial, where you learn the basic stuff, like fight monsters explore the world, and develop you city, where you have to build several types of buildings, to produce gold, train your army and provide houses for them, etc. You’ll also learn how to challenge other players or make alliances.

Kingdom Age gameplay is divided into two main areas, the first is where you take your hero and adventure yourself into the wilderness, and perform several quests in different locations of the map, each action cost energy and gives your hero experience and rewards.

The second area is a more strategy and building kind,  you have to build and develop your city, train troops and gather resources to support them in order to attack and conquer your enemies. At the same time you have to prepare defenses against enemy attacks by placing strategic buildings and defense towers to defend your grounds.

Kingdom Age is played in 3D isometric view, with nice visuals, sounds effects and gameplay, the game mechanics are simple and intuitive, the help system is present in most of the game screens and provides important tips for newbies.

As  a Google+ Game all the social features added to the rest of the gameplay provide a great experience, and you can invite your friends with a simple click, send them gifts or help in their kingdoms, form alliances, etc. or you can just attack them too!

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