Island Empire

Island Empire is an sea-faring colony building and war game for iOS devices iPhone and iPad.

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean over the course of several months, you’ve finally arrived in the new land to establish a prosperous colony. You’ll have to collect natural resources and construct buildings on your way to achieving conquest of the high seas in Island Empire. Along the way you’ll make friends and enemies, trade precious resources, and wage deadly wars.

When you begin the game after registering in Island Empire, you’ll be looking at your first colony. You can tap and scroll around the boundaries of your city but you’ll see that there isn’t much there. Tap on “Quests” in the bottom bar and you’ll see that “Construct a Lumber Mill” is your first task. You can tap on the “Check” button to see the details for this or any other quest.


There are 6 different buildings which you can construct in Island Empire. They are:

  • Lumber Mill for collecting wood
  • Barracks for training soldiers
  • Market for trading resources
  • Port for transporting resources and soldiers
  • Embassy for creating, joining, and managing Leagues
  • Fishery for collecting fish to maintain soldier population
  • Townhall for to manage your city
  • Blacksmith for mining iron
  • Gold Mine for mining gold
  • Marble Quarry for mining marble


Each island has on it a unique precious metal which you’ll need to reach higher level building upgrades and soldiers. The three are:

  • Iron
  • Marble
  • Gold

You’ll want to build either a Blacksmith, Marble Quarry, or Gold Mine to begin collecting what you have on your island. If you have an excess or need a precious metal not found on your island, head to the Marketplace to trade.


At some point in time you might find yourself getting attacked by someone more powerful than you in Island Empire. This is the time to either create or join a League to defend yourselves or expand your empire. To join or create a League, you must have the Embassy building. Once you have this, you can create or join a League with just a few taps. If you’re the League leader, you can send messages to all members to coordinate attacks and make plans. Another way to stay in touch with your League is to use that League chat. To access this area, just tap on Chat and then navigate to the League chat using the button at the bottom.


As you begin to reach higher levels in Island Empire, you’ll notice that upgrading buildings and training many soldiers at once begins to take a long time. Gems can speed up or entirely eliminate this upgrade period and serve this purpose. If you’re under attack and can’t wait hours for soldiers to emerge, use gems to get them immediately.


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