HyperBrawl Tournament

HyperBrawl Tournament is a future arena combat sport like no other! Heroes compete in electrifying 2v2 PVP matches fusing no rules soccer, combat and skill-based weapon power ups. Challenge for trophies and artefacts in the single player GALAXY LEAGUE AND COSMIC CUP modes; or head online and compete with players from around the globe in BLITZ mode on your quest to become the ultimate HyperBrawl Champion! Alternatively, battle it out in one of the 9 unique arenas with up to 4 friends in the local QUICK PLAY party mode, where friendships are forged and rivalries created.

Game Features:

• Full-on PVP future arena combat sports action! Play single player, locally or on-line with opponents from around the world

• 8 heroes each with distinct skills, attributes and classes, from agile Swift, all-rounder Core and unstoppable Tank.

• 9 distinct arenas each loaded up with savagely dynamic obstacles, from portals, risers to moving floors.

• 8 game changing weapons! Wield the earth-shattering Hammer, bring your opponents closer with the Grapple Gun, or rain hell from above with the Boost Bomber!

• Fully compatible with PlayStation Dualshock 4, Xbox Wireless or MFI controllers

• HyperBrawl Tournament Game Modes:

• CAMPAIGN – Challenge for glory in the single-player Galaxy League and then prove yourself further to win the Cosmic Cup.

• BLITZ – Compete online with players across the world for the ultimate accolade – ‘The HyperBrawl Champion!’ The higher the win streak you achieve, then the greater the rewards.

• QUICK PLAY – Battle friends and family in this local 1-4 player party mode where friendships are forged and rivalries created.

• TRAINING – Develop your skills in the The Trials and Advanced Training to prepare for the challenge ahead. Learn the basics and master the advanced controls to prove you are a worthy competitor.

• Assemble your ideal team, try out different hero and weapon combos and combat strategies to create an unbeatable play style, there are a total of 4000+ possible hero and weapon combinations!

• Finesse your play with HyperCurve and channel the HyperForce to obliterate the competition.

• Customise your hero with unique hero and weapon skins, goal blazes and ball trails.

• As fun to watch as it is to play, HyperBrawl Tournament is the perfect, super competitive, party game.