Highway Rider

Experience some seriously irresponsible speed with Highway Rider!

Warning – This is a game not suitable to sensitive people, it features a lot of sarcasm and is based on a really stupid attitude, so remember this is just a game! You should drive carefully on real life!

From the preview we got access to the gameplay is excellent, with nice response times and fluid gameplay.

Highway Rider will have a universal build for Apple’s iPhone, iPod, and iPad. And can be downloaded free for a limited time.
In Highway Rider you have to get up on your motorcycle and take on the highway, where being daring and passing close to vehicles increases your speed and your score.  When you crash you can watch your rider getting all broken over the air with the count of broken boy parts summing up into medical expenses as a sort of high score. The multiplayer feature (available through the game center) lets you go with head to head online to test your riding skills and weave through traffic against international opponents.

There are also achievements to earn by doing bodily harm and collect pictures of your crushing accidents.  Finally you can customize your own rider to give them your personal styling!

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