Hero Craft : Weapon, Character Skin Craft RPG

Hero Craft is a Weapon, Character Skin Craft RPG.

I do play the game with my own created character?
Fulfill your dream fantasy in Hero Craft now!

My own character and weapon made of 3D pixel blocks!
Anyone can customize freely with just simple touch.

From knight, warrior, wizard, samurai, ninja, dream robot to my friends!
Create a character as you imagine.

Also weapons can be created more fancy than anyone else!
Make whatever you want and share it with other players.

Start exploring dungeons with the splendid characters and weapons
which are made by talented players.

In rogue-like way, the dungeon changes everytime you enter.
Get items from dungeons and grow your character more powerful with them.

Enjoy the fun of the battle with various skills and striking actions.
When you’re tired of battle, just leave your character at the idle training center
which raises your character automatically.

* Hero Craft is a sandbox game in which free customizing is available.



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