Hello! Brave Cookies

Meet Cookies, solve puzzles! Time for the sweetest match-3 puzzle adventure ever! Match Jellies, explore the Episodes, and meet the cute but extremely brave little Cookies. Wield the power of Cookie Boosters to pop your way through this exciting journey!

# MATCH-3 WITH A VERY SPECIAL INGREDIENT! – The fun begins when the Cookies join in! Match Jellies to create Cookie Boosters, and use them to blast through juicy levels. Each Cookie Booster is powerful in its own way! # UNIQUE EPISODES! – Every new Episode brings a new Cookie friend and new challenges: Popping Jelly Worms, Chewy Berries, Tube & Pumpkin Candies… Choose your Cookie heroes wisely!

# REWARDS & SPECIAL COOKIES! – Beat Levels to collect Stars and rewards! Collect Coins to unlock new Cookie friends. Challenge yourself with especially tough missions to meet Special Cookies!

# IT’S MORE FUN TOGETHER! – Nothing’s like having a Team of friends! Exchange Lives and compete with other Teams to become the best!

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