Fullmetal Battle

Fullmetal Battle is a free to play turn-based Collectable Card Game that lets players design their own state licensed alchemist decks from a variety of abilities and effects inspired by the “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” series and proceed into battle against other online players.  Immersed in a fictional universe styled after the European Industrial Revolution, players can also challenge popular Full Metal Alchemist:  Brotherhood characters including fan-favorites Alphonse and Edward Elric while receiving helpful tips from Roy Mustang!

Fullmetal Battle is a title that blends elements of the standard Online Collectable Card Game and freemium aspects of a free-to-play MMO.  Each card the player owns can gain experience, eventually gaining levels and new abilities.  Players are encouraged to purchase additional packs of playing cards and eventually trade them with other players.

“Fullmetal Alchemist” is one of our top hits and therefore is a great candidate for brand expansion.  We are proud to partner with Good Game Productions so that we may include the “Fullmetal Battle” Mobile App into our catalog, “said Gen Fukunaga CEO of FUNimation Entertainment.

The player’s team of state alchemists band together in three vs. three combat, with unique access to special potions and single-use items, players have the opportunity to upgrade their core Alchemy transmutation circles and actions that are central to the game. With complete integration to Facebook, players have the ability to fight their online friends and eventually form teams of state based Alchemists!

Key features:

• Strategic turn-based RPG
• Guided by Roy Mustang as he provides helpful tips and advice
• Easy to pick up but game increases difficulty as your army progresses
• Form a team of three alchemists as your own personal army and battle your friends online
• 91 digital cards available to collect and equip your alchemists for battle, each card has 3 individual levels of rarity
• Choose from 7 distinct alchemy power types with each type having multiple unique actions
• Enhance your characters with weapons and items including rare forms of the philosophers stones
• Your weapons and powers grow with you as you compete!
• Each time you win a battle you earn experience and that experience can be applied to your alchemists and their powers
• Play against your Facebook friends in private battles or enter the global arena and be automatically matched to players at a similar skill level
• Equip and configure multiple armies to have available at your beck and call
• Use earned currency from winning battles to temporarily enhance your Alchemists and their powers for future combat.
• New cards available for purchase from the in game store.

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