Bumping Bears On Donuts

Bumping Bears On Donuts is a social virtual pets game for iOS devices from developers LoadComplete. The game features an interactive galaxy of donut planets, inhabited by players and their bear pets. Its ultra-cute aesthetic will appeal to younger bear-keepers, while the wide range of costumes and accessories can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

In Bumping Bears on Donuts players become Bear Guardians, choosing bear cubs to adopt and nurture on their donut planets. Guardians take their bears to work, feed them, tickle them, photograph them, send them on location-based adventures, and tuck them into bed, raising them until they choose a profession and leave for planet Bearth.


Bear Guardians and their cubs can also interact with other players in unique ways, visiting friends’ planets to care for their bears, gifting friends and meeting up with fellow guardians offline (in real life) to bump their phones together and have their bears date and mate.

The expansive bear universe, watched by the bear gods Beus and Bera, features the following:

  • Raise and care for up to three bears at once
  • Over 100,000 unique outfit combinations
  • Delicious customizable planets: donuts & cookies
  • Over 70 bear professions
  • 3 fun mini-games with more coming soon!
  • Over 400 quests and missions
  • Frequent updates to add even more fun content

Bumping Bears Key Features

  • Become a Bear Guardian – Nurture bear cubs on your donut planet and earn in-game currency by working, playing mini-games, completing quests, having photo-shoots, and more.
  • Customize Your Bears – Choose the bears that fit your personality with hilarious and adorable facial features, then pick out clothing and accessories to create some of the over 100,000 looks to make them uniquely yours.
  • Interact Online – Visit other Facebook players’ planets, meet new bears, and gift them food items and Happy Gems to build relationships. If you’re lucky, you may even…
  • Meet New Friends – Take your bear on an online outing and meet other bears (and the humans that care for them) in your area, thanks to location services.
  • Interact Offline – Meet up with other guardians in person and bump your phones together to have your bears date and mate. Parent bear looks and traits will be reflected in their offspring!
  • Playful Graphics – Enjoy the vibrant colors and cute graphics that make the Bumping Bears the perfect place to spend spare time. Daily bonuses ensure you’ll want to check on your bears frequently!

Bumping Bears On Donuts videos

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