Bingo Bango

Create your own rules in Bingo Bango, an action-packed and incredibly over-the-top modern bingo game that is fun for the whole family.

Game features:

Wager with other players, hunt for rare treasure and much, much more in a truly addictive experience that you won’t want to put down.

Explore 10 uniquely designed fantasy themed bingo rooms ranging from Pirate Ships to Candy Houses, each with their own stage affects that will dramatically affect the way you play.

Want more excitement? Take your game to the next level with a feature-rich online mode complete with real time chat, mini leaderboards and most importantly, support for up to 500 players in a single game room.

Bingo Bango is a fast paced and frantic affair where players can use their power meter to help to the ‘bingo’ faster. The meter charges when you match a called number to your card, if you manage three matches you’ll be given a special power at random that could radically shift the game in your favor.

This is Bingo like you’ve never seen before!

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