Woozworld is a fun, unique and free online virtual world for kids, tweens and teens! It is presented as a massive multiplayer virtual world free to join.

You have to Create an avatar (Woozen), play online and join a community of millions of players. In this virtual world you find the coolest place to hang-out and make new friends.

You can create your own world, design your virtual space (Unitz), dress-up your avatar with the coolest and most stylish clothes and accessories ever, become a top-model, throw parties and events, chat, invite friends, make new friends, join exciting contests, express your creativity and become rich and famous!

Parental Information

Woozworld is a virtual world for kids, tweens and teens, where your child can exploit his creativity in a fun and a safe environment. This is a browser based virtual world, therefore, no downloads are required to play online. Our virtual world has the highest standards in terms of online safety. Keeping your kid safe and respecting his privacy is our top priority!

Woozworld is fully COPPA compliant (Children’s Online Privacy Protection). Our virtual world is certified by PRIVO, one of Internet’s most respected online privacy certification. Your kids’ personal information will never be shared with any third party. Our safe and supervised chat tool only allows pre-approved keywords and is powered by the cutting edge CRISP Thinking technology. Our virtual world is also patrolled by an experienced team of moderators, all insuring that your child can play online safely. Read our Trust Agreement section for more details.

This unique virtual world empowers your child, allowing him to develop his creativity and social skills as he creates his own world! More importantly, our virtual world allows your child to learn how to socialize, become an active member of a community and to make a difference in the world! Our monitored blog allows your child to make his voice heard, share his ideas and to learn about new contests and activities in our virtual world. Millions of kids, tweens, teens and parents visit us every month to play online in our virtual world and enjoy a safe, educational and fun experience for the whole family. With Woozworld, your child is hanging out with the right crowd!

Trailers and Gameplay Videos


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