WebbliWorld is a free to play browser based, webstation providing entertainment and learning for children.It is more than a virtual world and features film and tv, animation, games, chat and competitions as well as playing host to a supportive global community.

WebbliWorld is home to the Webblis – an irresistible and quirky gang of World Wide Wanderers – characters that reflect a range of personality traits so there is always at least one with which every child can identify. The compelling stars, Wez, Wanda and Wij , guide children through the mind-boggling maze of the world wide web making surfing the internet easy and exciting. These unique inhabitants of cyberspace are fun and mischievous, but also responsible and caring.

There are lots of activities for kids:

  • Play games in the WebbliArcade
  • Decorate your WebbliPod
  • Change your Webbli looks

The game is available in English language

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