Toontown Online

Toontown Online is a free-to-play game from Disney, children can build cartoon characters, paint them crazy colors, give them funny names, and send them on adventures!

Toontown features:

  • Fight with jokes evil robot Cogs want to suck all the fun out of Toontown — are you going to let them?
  • Cogs can’t take a joke, so fight them with Gags and help take back Toontown!
  • Go fishing in the ponds, plant in your garden, and play mini golf to earn trophies, jellybeans, and gags!
  • Join up with friends and throw a party complete with cannons, trampolines, and fireworks!
  • Build your own racing kart and see who’s the fastest Toon (watch out for banana peels on the track)!
  • Toontown is a gigantic world of playgrounds, streets, and buildings waiting to be explored!
  • Hop on the trolley, where you can launch yourself from a slingshot, swim through underwater rings, or play over a dozen other fun mini games!
  • At your Toon Estate, you can add furniture, art, even new window views, all ordered from Clarabelle’s Cattlelog!

Toontown is committed to creating a safe online community for kids and families, offering parental controls to enable a safe experience in-game.

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