Racing Star: Come on Baby

Racing Star: Come on Baby is a is free to play 3D cartoony baby-themed kart racing MMO like no other. In any other fun game you only find boring normal racing tracks and car drivers. But not in Racing Star! In this fun game, babies are the drivers on a funny, comical racing court! Aside from the baby drivers, you can have a lot of fun with pets that carry you on their back as your driving vehicle. Fight funny racing matches in this exciting racing game!

The racing game Racing Star offers you many exciting characters, all with their strong points and weaknesses to freely choose from. This is very important for a fun game. Every baby comes from another country. Doogie from Korea, Cafleo from England, Momoka from Japan, Zambie from Zambia, Donburi from China… and Panpan where nobody knows where he came from. They are all waiting for you to play this exciting racing game.

Racing Star with its speedy matches truly deserves being called a racing game. But while any other racing game is all normal and all about who is the fastest, Racing Star is fully living up to its reputation of being also a fun game. If you’re not speeding on the racing court, why don’t you challenge a friend to a good slapping? You heard right! In Slapping Mode, you need to slap your opponent, until one of you two has lost all his HP. Now that is a truly fun game!

Playing the fun game Racing Star is completely free! All you need to do is registering for a free account at alaplaya, download the racing game’s client and play.

Racing Star offers everything a good fun game needs! Of course you are able to battle your opponent fair and square in a regular racing match, which resembles a normal racing game. But Racing Star also offers several other modes! Try to find that in a regular fun game!

In this racing game you are also able to connect with fellow players and form a so-called Club. Features that no other fun game can offer are waiting for you!

Racing Star: Come on Baby gameplay Videos

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