Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates is a free to play massively multiplayer game. Your character is a pirate in a vast and open-ended world of adventure and riches, populated by thousands of other players.

You or your children can play the game for free with some limitations for as long as you like.

Unlike other online environments, the game does not include simulated violence or gore. There are no guns or other implied physical interactions between players. Instead, competitive interactions between players are resolved using one of 20 interactive puzzles. A player’s skill at each puzzle determines how well he or she is likely to do in the game.

Every activity is a deep and unique puzzle game. Ships won’t move unless someone plays the sailing puzzle, and will take on water until someone plays bilging to pump it out. The blacksmith puzzle creates swords and cannonballs needed for combat, which of course is also puzzle-based. Inns have even more games including poker and spades. Your ability in Puzzle Pirates is based on real skill – not your pirate’s level.

There really is something for everyone. Want to support the economy? Take a job at the distillery, forage for indigo and sugarcane, or open your own tailoring shop. Want to be a leader? Join a crew and mount the ranks to captain, then lead voyages to fight sea monsters in Atlantis, or battle against other players for control of an island. Want to roll in riches? Join tournaments at the local inn or pillage ships at sea, then show off your earnings with elaborate clothing, beautiful houses, and grand vessels.

Languages: English, Deutsch, Español

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