Petpet Park

Petpet Park is another online Virtual World for kids from the team responsible for Neopets, introduces Petpet Park, Neopia’s best kept secret, a town where those quirky Petpets run the show. Here, you can experience first-hand what it’s like to live as a Petpet. Whether you’re exploring an ancient Cyodrake Temple, bowling against pirate Petpets, or just fishing with friends, you’ll find adventure around every corner.

As compared to Neopets, Petpet Park is a virtual world and involves the Petpets actually walking around the Park. In addition, it is specifically designed for younger children with games and activities fitting for a child’s first online experiences so they can get the same sense of accomplishment that older players get from playing on Neopets.

Petpet Park is a virtual community within the confines of a park. Thus, while there are games and activities, such as Grimsby’s Mystery Maze and Wizard’s Walk, there are also activities such as feeding, grooming and dressing your Petpet, shopping for clothing for your Petpet, teaching your Petpet how to perform tricks and then challenging one’s friends to trick showdowns, quests for one’s Petpet and courses at the University. Players can also chat with other players to share their experiences.

Petpet Park is free to play with option to buy certain “premium” items for players that must be purchased with Nickcash (however, you can also purchase items using Park Points which players earn through doing “quests” and playing games). For an enhanced gaming experience, you can also become a Petpet Park Member.

Moving around is as easy as simply point with your mouse and click on the spot where you want to go. A small paw print will appear and you will walk to it.

Parkles are the magical green paw prints scattered around the Park. When you collect Parkles, your level bar will increase – the more Parkles you have, the higher your level will be. We wouldn’t want these magic bits to fall into the wrong hands, so collect the Parkles when you see them! You can collect Parkles simply by clicking on them. You can also receive Parkles for completing quests, tossing coins into the Wishing Well, eating food items, and playing mini-games!

When you collect Parkles, your level bar will increase. When the level bar is full you will level up. You may receive some special rewards and prizes from Mayor Bricemurdle when you level up.

When you reach level 5, 10, or 15, you can visit Mayor Bricemurdle for a special Good Citizen quest. You will be rewarded with Badges and other prizes when you complete these quests.

Other important features include:

Cardcasters is a trading card game found in Mystimar Glen. You can play a single player game against Jinxie or a multiplayer game against a friend.

Earn Badges by completing various deeds around Petpet Park. Badges can be earned from fishing, mining, harvesting, completing quests, shopping, and playing games, among other things.

You can have Collections of different items you’ve harvested, clothes you’ve bought and rewards from quests you’ve done. Open your profile (by clicking on the icon with a picture of your Petpet on it) and select the Collections tab. From there you can view each Collection category.

Homes is a feature that allows you to own your very own home! You can decorate both the inside and outside of your home with items from the Home Sweet Home Shop in the Pawvillion or the Home Goods Shop in the Mall.

Gardens is a feature that allows you to own your very own garden! In your garden, you can decorate, grow plants, and harvest fruits, vegetables and flowers. Click on the house icon at the bottom left of the screen to enter your garden.

From Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds Group, Petpet Park is the offspring of Neopets and is a virtual park where “Petpets” live and play.

Petpet Park is designed to be an engaging experience for children eight to ten years old.

Information for parents

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