Penguin Farmer

Feed the planet and defrost the ice pole!

Penguin Farmer is a free browser game for children. This is the theme on this cute game, where you take the role of a penguin with the mission to create a garden and feed the planet.

In the beginning of Penguin Farmer you receive your very own garden place, which is still under ice, having bad polar bears around. You have to defrost this place and turn it into thriving garden of fruits and vegetables.

Starting with carrots and radishes you can quickly evolve your garden by planting dozens of fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, even buying additional decorations for your garden. You just have to plant some seeds on the free space of your garden, wait for them to be ready, harvest them and now you are ready to sell them to the citizens of South Poleville.


Some features include

Improved and comprehensive Advisor that is available from the very beginning after registration. When sending a polar bear to other players, the bear can be put in the second or third garden. Dollars can be won at random when Single Harvesting (the scheme is similar to the obstacles removal)
Penguin bank
Polar Trips – 40 new quests

The game is available in many languages and is very cute for your children to play and learn.

Penguin Farmer Videos


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