OurWorld is a free to play online virtual environment, ourWorld is a place where you can meet new friends, play games, and collect clothing and accessories to outfit your avatar with your own sense of style! Have fun discovering the islands, districts, and areas within this imaginative world!

All ourWorld content, including games, environments, videos, and music, has been created and selected to be safe for players of all ages, with a focus on material that would be fun and interesting to teens.

The default setting for players under 13 is what we call White List Chat, and only allows chatting with a selection of pre-approved words.  Players can write what they like, but only words on the approved list are displayed.  When the highest filter settings are selected (also the default), the younger players can only see words and phrases on the list, even if the person writing is an older player. We recommend the White List Chat option to parents of players under 13.

Players over 13 use a filtered Open Chat to communicate, moderated and reviewed for content.

The game is available in several languages.

OurWorld Official game trailer

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