Oloko is a free-to-play virtual world game for children. The virtual world of Oloko combines knowledge, play, discovery, fun and safety, while providing a place for the development, creativity, social interaction and adventure for your child.

Playing provides children with the opportunity to access and explore their own imaginary world, aids them in developing identity and personality and helps to achieve social recognition among their peers. Children who independently solve tasks on the computer also train independence, which in turn serves to increase self-esteem.

Through the handling of complex tasks, children develop strategic thinking as well as the ability to work in a team and practise coordination with others. Social and verbal competence as well as consideration, working with others, active listening and agreeing on rules help children shape interpersonal relationships.

Many of the skills and abilities that are considered indispensable in our lives originate from experience gathered through play. Navigating a virtual world additionally improves spatial orientation and perception. Of course, games are also simply fun and fun plays an important role in the development of a child.

Oloko addresses topics most relevant for 6 to 12 year olds in a way that is suitable for their age: playing, gathering experience, learning, interaction, problem solving, fun.

Using an avatar, your child can move around anonymously, chat with other children and participate in exciting adventures.

Your child can fulfil various tasks in order to become a cook, a farmer, a gardener or a baker.

Children grow crops, till fields, raise animals or plant flowers. Apart from their own avatar, every child owns a house and a garden, both of which can be personalised with various furniture and plants.

Oloko also offers many small competitions, which serve to promote the creativity of the children.

Every child can register to Oloko and play for free. In addition to this Basic Membership, a Gold Membership is available. The Gold Membership enables your child to experience Oloko ad-free and provides exclusive content.

Languages: English, Deutsch, Svenska, Norsk, Français, Suomi, Nederlands, Dansk.

Oloko Videos

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