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Monkey Quest is Nickelodeon’s new massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) set in the spectacular World of Ook, a land where monkeys rule! You play a heroic monkey who battles the evil Shadow Demon, Ka, and his monster horde! Swing, bounce, and battle your way through adventures beyond imagination while you uncover dark secrets and unearth precious treasures from the legendary Monkey King.

Can you defeat Ka and become the next hero of Ook? Grab your Slingshot and let’s find out!

When player starts the game the first thing to do is to create an own monkey. Players can choose the sex, face, hair, “skin” color, and the color of hair. The name will be created pretty much the same way like in “Lego Universe” with three rows of words. Like you could guess the game is geared towards children in the 6-12 age group and that’s why there is kid-friendly amounts of violence and puzzles.

In Monkey Quest, to explore the worlds of Ook, players use the arrow keys on their keyboard. Jumping is controlled by pressing the space bar and the arrow keys in the direction you want to go. Pressing control (CTRL) or x next to characters will allow you to access new quests and learn new information about Ook and its residents. The game has four equippable hot keys (C,V,B,N) to control weapons, potions and any other items you want to access quickly.

Ka’s shadow minions have surfaced around large sections of Ook, disrupting trade and communication. Entire trails have been cut off from their neighbors, filled with monsters that threaten the monkeys’ way of life.

Yet not all is lost! The dangers posed have created many opportunities for ambitious monkeys fearless enough to adventure in the shadow-ridden trails. You will encounter many allies in your courageous stand against the Shadow forces, eager to offer up powerful rewards and experience in return for your services.

Monkey Quest also encourages cooperative play rather than competition. Players must group together to unlock access to different areas, and are encouraged to play with each other, rather than against each other.

Like in most of the other MMO’s the main point in Monkey Quest is to complete quests by gathering items, defeating enemies or just find other monkeys. There is “quest compass” that will point the way to your quest objectives.

The land of Ook is divided into five tribes and to four “trails” that all have different areas:

A spectacular world where monkeys swing from vines, bounce on drums (and the occasional unsuspecting octopus or panda!), and uncover treasures beyond imagination. Populated with a dynamic cast of characters, the promise of wild adventure exists at every turn.

Under the visionary leadership of the Monkey King, the residents of Ook have explored and settled every corner of the land. The monkeys have formed five tribes, each originating from one of the Monkey King’s five unique companions. While all five tribes are very different from one another, they all show signs of the Monkey King’s influence.

An exciting and wild land, Ook and its inhabitants must always be on their guard. The increasing presence of Shadow Monsters, even after the supposed defeat of the Shadow Demon, Ka, threatens the monkey tribes with the possibility of attack at any moment.

1.Crossroad Trails:
– Crossroad Path Is the main hub in Ook and a great place to create groups for co-op quests and to make new friends that could help you along your journey. This bustling area is the center for commerce and trade and the best places to gather information about all the happenings in Ook.

2.Sea Dragon Trails
– Avast, ye landlubbers! In the Sea Dragons’ territory, you’ll find danger and treasure in equal measure. From the safe haven of Razor Bay to the perilous cliffs of Cononut Island, you’ll discover enough loot to retire a wealthy monkey. Just don’t double-cross the dreaded Caption Backtail or you’ll find yourself walking the plank!

3.Chim Foo Trails
– High in the Iron Mountains you’ll find the fortresses of the Chim Foo, a secret society of elite monkey warriors. The Chim Foo are very distrustful of outsiders but once you’re accepted, you’re in for life. If you can find them…

4.Ootu Trails
– If you venture into the Swamps of Misery, you’d better be friends witht he Ootu Mystics. They know every stump like the backs of their hands and are on good terms with many of the spirits that inhabit these shrouded glades.

– Independent and self-possessed monkeys who prefer not to spend their hard-earned bananas on the necessary equipment to go adventuring soon realize the value of crafting. Why buy your gear when you can make it yourself? Crafting equipment is no different from baking a cake. The first thing you need is a recipe. They can be bought, awarded or found from various sources throughout Ook. Talk to different characters and explore new quests to acquire them. You can view your Book of Recipes by clicking the book icon in your backpack. Double click the recipe to add it to the book. Once you’ve got the recipe, it’s just a matter of gathering the necessary ingredients. Search high and low throughout Ook to purchase or collect them and, once you’ve got everything you need, you can craft your items right then and there. Just open up the Book of Recipes and click the Craft button. Craft useful items for yourself, friends, or even to trade and gift.

Five Tribes:
The Five Companions are five monkeys that were once pupils of the great Monkey King who vanquished the ultimate Shadow Monster Ka and enabled the Five Companions to establish and rule over the Five tribes of Ook. The companions each started a different tribe. the tribes are:
1.Sea Dragons
– Dragontail is the founder of the Sea Dragons.

2.Chim Foo
– Mist is the founder of Chim Foo.

3.Ootu Mystics
– Mama Ootu is the founder of the Ootu Mystics.

4.Mek Tek
– Trunket is the founder of the Mek Tek.

5.Ice Raiders
– Grapp is the founder of the Ice Raiders.

In the gameplay, your character is helping these Five Companions to battle the evil creatures that seek to rule the land of Ook.

Shadow Monsters:
– Shadow Monsters are servants of the evil Shadow Demon Ka (black carnivorous plants seeking to destroy the monkey tribes and rule the land of Ook. Shadow shards are the broken remains of Ka). One of the guardian knights, Dingy, now works for Ka. The increasing presence of Shadow Monsters in the land of Ook, even after the supposed defeat of Ka, threatens the Five Companions and their tribes at all times with imminent attack.

Additional Features:

Daily Quests: While most quests are unique, one-time experiences, some residents in Ook offer up special quests that can be accepted once daily and completed multiple times for their rewards. They range from collecting supplies to defeating monsters, and are a great way to earn extra bananas.

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