Little Space Heroes

Little Space Heroes is a free-to-play virtual universe for kids, a social online gaming experience in which kids create their own character and explore a universe full of fun and adventure. Little Space Heroes is all about adventure, mystery and discovery.

Children are encouraged to work together as they go on quests, play mini-games, explore the galaxy and solve mysteries. Learning the art of working together and sharing, socialising and communicating are cornerstone elements of the Little Space Heroes game.

Unlike most virtual worlds, in Little Space Heroes players literally get to explore an entire galaxy full of different planets and go on daring quests and adventures as they search for the dastardly Lord Shadowbot. Along the way, heroes get to make new friends, earn badges, complete quests, race in their Starjets, adopt a magical Glow and discover more about the universe.

Game features:

Play Space Heroes for free!

Strap on your jetpack, fire up your starjet and blast off for adventure in search for Shadowbot and the stolen Glows!

Adopt Cute Cuddly Kritterz

Adopt Little Kritterz and have a pet party with friends! Check out Rex the dino, Yoonie the unicorn, Purrbo the cat, and Astro the dog.

Stylin’ clothes & Accessories

Show your Hero style! Flaunt it with cool clothes and accessories from Hero Mart, Space Suits R Us, the Salon and Music stores.

Little Space Heroes is rated E for everyone and we utilise advanced chat filters and have in-game moderators to ensure the game is safe, fun and inclusive for all players.

You can check the Parent’s Info Here

Little Space Heroes gameplay videos

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