eKidnaworld.com is another great addition to our list of games for children, it takes you on a fun and exciting virtual adventure that lets you sign up a free account to create your own character, decorate your shack, explore mysterious regions, play cool games, and even connect with your friends online!

eKidnaWorld features:

The eKidna Characters

Pick, name, and play! Begin by adopting a virtual pet. Choose one among the 10 cutest Australian animals featured in this game. Once you’re decided which virtual pet to adopt, name it, and you’re ready to roll!

Explore the eKidnaworld

Explore the many amazing and mysterious regions of eKidnaworld. Visit Tropical Island and prepare to catch heaps of fish, or go all the way to the City and buy some stuff to furnish your shack.

Play cool games

Enjoy a range of wonderful, wacky and uniquely-Australian games we have in store for you. Try surfing, river rafting, snowball fight, or even racing!

Chat with your mates

Use eKidnaworld’s virtual world chat and connect with your friends and other members using Open or Safe chat feature. Check out Mate Safety™, an add on safety feature unique to eKidnaworld, a kid-friendly, age-appropriate virtual world

Send Letters & Postcards

Send and receive letters and postcards from your mailbox. Remember to recycle and earn gold nuggets.

Go shopping

Earn and spluge! Collect eKidna Gold Nuggets and buy clothes and accessories for your character, seeds and watering can to keep a garden, or furniture to decorate your home.

Create a home for your character

Get your character its own home by choosing one of the 5 shacks in eKidnaworld. It can be a penthouse in the city, a hut by the beach, or a tree house in rainforest. Decorate and fill it with cute furnishings. You can even keep your own garden too!

Parent’s Info

Languages: English

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