Zorg Empire

Zorg Empire is a free-to-play space strategy browser game. You start the game by choosing from one of three universes – each has their own advantages and disadvantages, and players are able to have an account in each one.

You start the game by build mines and harvest precious resources on your home planet, as well as construct a variety of useful structures for your space empire. These structures include Solar Plants, Metal Mines and Crystal Plants.

Each universe is different. You can have one account per universe.


Game Speed: 8x | Fleet Speed: 8x | Production Speed: 3x
Max planets 11 | Large Sized Map


Game/Fleet Speed: 2x | Production Speed: 1x
Max planets 11 | Medium sized map

Standard can be play with a Facebook account here.


Game Speed: 4x | Fleet Speed: 6x | Production Speed: 2x
-Max planets 21 | X-Large Sized Map

Zorg Empire Wiki

Zorg Empire Videos

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