Zoo Paradise

Zoo Paradise is a Zoo management game on Facebook, it is free to play, all you need is a Facebook account.

In Zoo Paradize you have to manage your own Zoo, you  begin with an empty area, and you must develop it  into an attractive zoo. You choose which animal habitats to buy and where to place them, then fill them with appropriate animals. If you max out the number of animals a given habitat can hold, then it’s time to upgrade.

While you’re waiting to feed animals or finish upgrades, Zoo Paradise offers some random events to keep you interested. There’s a finch-collecting mini-game you can play to build up a free bird attraction for your zoo that involves checking all around your zoo map for particular flying finches.

Zoo Paradize is a really nice game, with great graphic and sounds, if you are looking for a management game and like the zoo theme this is a great option.


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