Zombinis is a Facebook game by east side games, and takes place in Zland, the land of Zombini Trainers. Your goal is to create an Army of Zombinis with which to do battle and complete missions.

The game introduction is quite nice and funny, and after a Kroton ship hits Zland National Championships tent killing King Zombast along with the entire Z Land army, you are the only hope to lead and defend Zland from the Kroton forces.

In Zombinis you have to fight and collect, Zombinis, for each fight they get experience and you get experience, and unlock new stages and missions, each time one of your Zombinis get injured, he has to be repaired before he can fight again, this is done by replacing the damaged or missing parts.

As you progress you’ll get access to more Zombinis to add to your army, the gameplay is very similar to Pokemon themed games, you choose one of your Zombinis, and you can exchange them in the middle of a fight.

There are 3 themes of Zombinis and you will be asked to choose which theme you want to play as when you start the game for the first time:

Air,Land  or Sea.

Each Theme has a unique dice advantage when battling against another theme that they are stronger against. It’s not something that you really have to worry about too much but here’s how it works: Just as rock beats scissors, Scissors beats paper and paper beats rock, Land Zombinis get an extra Die when fighting against Sea Zombinis, Sea Zombinis get an extra Die when fighting against Air Zombinis and Air Zombinis get an extra Die when Fighting against Land Zombinis.

Zombinis Gameplay Tips:

Your Theme, Rarity and Level in relation to your opponent, will determine the number of roll dices:

  • If your Zombini’s rarity is greater than your opponents rarity you’ll get +1 Dice
  • If your Zombini’s Level is greater than your opponents level you’ll get +1 Dice
  • If your Zombini’s theme is stronger than your opponents theme
    you’ll get +1 Dice

What’s the advantage of going into Battle vs. doing a mission?

When going into battle you will always be fairly evenly matched with your opponent whereas Missions are pre-scripted so you may find yourself entering Missions for which you are unfavorably matched.  The trick is to prepare for missions as much as you can by leveling your Zombini up in battle or obtaining rare Zombinis.

Increasing your Mojo level   will unlock more missions, which will enable you to collect new zombinis. You will also unlock new items in the store including coffins, which can get you instant Zombinis.

Coffins contain 1 random Zombini from a specific theme. There are Land, Sea, and Air coffins. As you level up you will unlock the opportunity to buy more coffins.

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