Zombie Slayer

Zombie Slayer is another zombie related role playing game, developed by Kano Application, available on Facebook, Myspace and Hi5 platforms.

Protect your brain! The world is overrun with flesh-craving zombies, and you’re a walking 12 oz. steak.

Arm yourself, contain outbreaks, defend the UN, battle bandits, and annihilate super-zombie bosses to wipe this undead menace from the face of the earth, one exploding zombie head at a time.

Only by standing together will humans endure this apocalypse, so gather friends around you to expand your arsenal and improve your odds of survival!

With hundreds of achievements, rampant outlaws, weekly updated content, and global outbreaks, the human race has a long and terrible struggle ahead. It needs you!


ForumPlay on Hi5

Trailer and gameplay videos

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