Zombie Lane

Zombie Lane is a browser based action game where you have to take back control of your neighborhood from Zombies! Equip a weapon of your choice and fight off the endless waves of the undead! Smack them with a shovel or take them down quickly with a shotgun.

You have to complete quests and help the Rent-a-Cop restore peace to your neighborhood, gaining experience and money on the way. You can smack zombies by equipping a variety of weapons including shotgun, shovel, or even a flare gun, some weapons can only be unlocked by completing quests.

In Zombie Lane you can also craft super weapons by collecting parts, usually with help from your friends. You also have to plant crops in order to produce food for yourself, which is used to replenish energy, the ultimate goal in the game is to reconstruct your neighborhood and get rid of the zombies.

You also get rewarded with achievements and items as you take down zombies, the game features collections to complete each with specific rewards. Customize your character from head-to-toe when you start and available through the game in case you wish to change your looks. You can also exchange gifts and share coins with friends, hire and visit them.

Available on Facebook, Google Play and iOS

Trailer and gameplay videos

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