Zombie Island

Zombie Island is a farming and management Facebook game from 6Waves, where you can run and island of Zombies. Zombie Island has some of the best graphics you can see in a Facebook game, beautiful landscapes, funny animations and sounds will provide many hours of great gameplay time!

In Zombie Island you find yourself as the Zombie in charge of getting things done in a island where you and your zombie friends are, in the ultimate attempt of becoming human again, you first have to survive, you have to plow, plant and collect the resources, like stone and wood, you also have to build structures and look for treasure. The other zombies are also eager to help out, but they miss their brain, in order to get them to do something you have to get them a brain, each comes with a particular type of building, and a plot of land where they rest.

Also if you need an extra help, you can always bury your friends! Zombie Island is the ideal game for Halloween season.

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